Université Mohammed V Rabat


Khalid Berrada is a full professor at Mohammed V University since January 2021. He was professor at Cadi Ayyad University (UCA) – Faculty of Sciences Semlalia since 1996. He is involved in basic research and education development for many years and Unesco Chairholder on “Teaching physics by doing” since 2010. He is ICESCO in Open Education and OER 2023. He has authored (or co-authored) around 110 research papers and Books and has been member of many national and international conference and meeting committees. He was director of the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation at Cadi Ayyad University and leading a Group of research on Educative innovation at UCA (Trans ERIE) and the Morocco Declaration on Open Education since 2016. He was Advisor to the President at UCA in charge of pedagogical innovation (2012-2020).
He has been member of many commissions and councils and has coordinated modules of physics at the faculty from 1999 to 2015. He is also the co-coordinator of Active Learning in Optics and Photonics Unesco program in Africa and Chair of many international conferences on physics, education, digital learning, pedagogy and optics (ALOP2006, ICPE2007, GUMP2008, IWOP2010, CNTE2012, IMDM2013, CINU2016, ISyDMA2016, PROPES2016,....). He has facilitated many active learning workshops (ALOP UNESCO Workshops) in Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, India, Zambia, Cameroon, Philippines, .. He is also one of the developers of the successful French edition program of Unesco Active Learning in Optics and Photonics and has also conducted and facilitated more than 30 workshops in Morocco on Educative technology, Open Education, Digital Competences, Responsible science with the NAS-US,... He was coordinating a very large educational program on optics and photonics for more than 225 High Schools in Morocco under the umbrella of Unesco. He was coordinating the UC@MOOC project created in 2013 at Cadi Ayyad University. He was local coordinator at UCA of 5 Erasmus+ CBHE projects “OpenMed”, “EXPERES”, Meric-Net, InSIDE and EduBioMed and “Unesco Chair on EDD“ started from 2016 to 2021. He is also leading a group of research work on Open Educational Resources in Morocco. He is also UNESCo, ICESCO, AUF consultant.

zone d’expertise

  • Afrique
  • Afrique de l’Ouest
  • Afrique de l’Est
  • Amérique du Sud
  • Asie du Sud
  • Europe du Sud

domaine(s) d’expertise

  • Politiques et stratégies de production et diffusion des ressources éducatives
  • Chaîne des ressources éducatives
  • Auteur/illustrateur : conception des ressources éducatives
  • Édition de ressources éducatives
  • Diffusion, distribution
  • Droits d’auteurs et licences
  • Normes et standards des ressources éducatives
  • Évaluation de la qualité des ressources éducatives
  • Formation des enseignants à l’utilisation des ressources éducatives

discipline, métier ou spécialité

Sciences d'education
Technologie éducative

publications & réalisations

  • 2021

    The Adoption of Open Educational Practices to Support Practical Work at Moroccan Universities

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  • 2021

    Book: Special Issue "Technology-Enhanced Learning, Open Science and Global Education

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  • Cost Effective Open Educational Platform to Face the Challenge of Massification